Nice spin. First of all, they don t buy the bundle. They simply subscribe without cost to check out the things they offer. It is common knowledge that only 10% keep using it, 30% if you believe Spotify. If you are going to challenge, you also have to challenge Spotify s active subscriber claims that only 30% of users are active Good luck. My bullshit is backed by evidence.

Just want I want. Advice from an away from touch, older white man who runs an archaic organization which includes little relevance in our music industry. I’ve been inside urban music business (successfully) for 26 years and I’ve Cher concert washington dc NEVER attended the Grammys or even watched them on TV. I don’t care what this guy, or NARAS thinks. They are completely irrelevant in urban music even when their voting base has finally discovered black music.

As to FarePlay, I don t think any sane people actually think an album just has 1 good track. You re perpetuating your own myth. Again, a lot of people merely don t care about anything passed the one; the track they already know they love. Music just isn’t something the person enjoys taking a risk on anymore.

Highlighting the Canadian record companies organization’s effort to ensure fair payments to its members, SOCAN acquired Quebec-based SODRAC. This, the business writes, brings mechanical and reproductions rights and royalties to members. In a combined licensing venture with Re:Sound, SOCAN also created Entandem, bringing ‘benefitsto rightsholders, businesses, and governments. Finally, the organization added Dataclef, its new one-stop back office services division.

The most interesting part of these statements was that we couldn’t find Spotify anywhere. That may be portion of a decision to skip Spotify entirely depending on lower royalty concerns, with all the current emphasis going towards paid platforms. A large percentage of free, ad-supported Spotify users is portion of what’s dragging those totals, with royalties from the platform routinely dropping well below the $0.004 level from data we’ve seen.